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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is the rush?

        So for starters I do not smoke pot.. just going to throw that out there, just never was my thing.  That being said I have began to notice how impatient are with basic everyday things.  Example I was waiting in line at the gas pump the other day and the lady in front of me was just talking on her cell phone before pumping her gas.  This didn't brother me at all because she was cute , almost to cute ...almost  (sorry no pic). So after her phone convo and getting her gas she pulls away, and I pull forward. As I do  notice a guy who was also waiting for her to move but he was facing the other direction(see shitty paint pic) Well i get there before he does and this dude  screams "FUCK YOU!"  and then just leaves.  I guess he was in a hurry but I don't understand why people have become so impatient.  As if the people who are so focused about themselves that they forget that everyone has problems( jay-z has 99 problems in fact but not one of em is a bitch). and that they are not the sun.  So what if shit goes bad for you, it does for everyone quit being a bitch and move on damn. Sometimes ranting is nice.


  1. was this is an exaggeration of when i was w u??? he looked like he would have said tht though..

  2. nice rant, step away from the keyboard now, please :)

  3. I feel that, man. People like to whine about dumbshit nowadays. Its like everyone suddenly became an old lady and I didnt know it.

  4. I smell burning fingers..

    Cool rant, It is nice sometimes.

  5. what is the rush, please baby dont hurt me