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Thursday, September 30, 2010

so yeah being from west virginia

I am from WV and am kinda not ashamed about it, but just like everywhere else we got our people who are a little slower then others .  I wish though that they did not have access to the internet cuz when they do you get stuff like this https // while it is funny by all means it is just reinforcing the stereotypes that I try to avoid.  Not everyone in WV is like this.  A little bit of info for you if you a tourist in WV keep your hands in the automobile while traveling through the southern central parts of the state that is where most stereotypes come from.  That is all for now.  --misterfluf 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being all shalow and stuff

I have noticed that everyone is shallow to some point. There is always something bout someone to us that makes. Person undesirable or unattractive whether it be their looks or their personailty or the lack there of. I for example will not date a women that appears as if see can whoop my ass; basically if she is 6'2" and has wider shoulders then I. I also will not date a girl that can not an intelligent conversation with me.You might call it phyiscal attraction I say it is being shallow. No matter what you label it as we all do it. So I am asking in terms of being shallow. How low do you go?