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Monday, October 4, 2010

Lil weezy

So I am a big of a lot of different types of music from techno to country and a lot in between .  But this post shall be about one of my fav rappers LiL WEEZY.  For those who do not know who this is lil wayne is from  New Orleans.  He is the self proclaimed"best rapper alive" (all rappers say they are). He coined the term "bling ", he has been a big part of culture in the past 8 years. Anyway here is a video of his (featuring t-pain) that I like ( i like the songs more then videos)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yours hands

So I been a little under the weather here lately but today i felt well enough to take a small trip so i walked to this small area beside a wall i sat down against this wall and i thought.  While staring at my hands i began to think about everything i have done in the past 20 years about people I have loved and hurt. Things I have made for myself and for others, the skills that i use my hands for everyday and never stop to think about how it all comes naturally to me.  So look at your hands and think about what all you have done with them weather it be good or bad.