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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fang Island

No one puts baby in the corner .  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

WTF was i thinking writing this paper

So i just found a paper i wrote ... i don't remember it at all tell me what you think, Oh and yes i did get a A for that class. here it is :

Thoughts Out of My Mind.

By: MisterFluf
I miss the way things use to be with me, simple and care free.  The real world is a harsh place to be in now a day. People seem to me to be greedier each day.  Drugs have become cheap, so cheap in fact anyone can purchase those including students here at WVUIT.  There are homeless people who crowd alleys in the large cities. There is little respect for the blue collar man by the white collar.  Teens understand that the world must belong to them and no one else, they have not been thought otherwise.  The drama of life is being broadcasted out to the world, because the life of other more interesting than their own.   The people who run this country are corrupted by money and religion.  I see the end of a technology by the very people who rely on it.  Religion will kill more people then it will save.  And no matter what the meteorologist say it will rain every day.
            My name is Misterfluf, I am nineteen years old and these are my thoughts that enter my mind.
            Often I wonder about why people do the things they do.  Like why are people religious, do they believe in it because lots of people do it or do they truly think that they have no control over when they will die, that it is just “God’s Plan”.  Why are we so scared by death; it is going to happen one day you will die.  So why worry when you die, to me it is not how long you live, but how much fun you had when you lived.  I also wonder why some people pay so much attention to money.  Is money truly the root of all evil, I think it is. Everyday billions of people go out into the work force just to try and get by.  There are even some that will steal from the blue collar man so they can fix their habits like crack, cocaine, and crystal meth.  While it is true without a form of currency the structure of the world would crumble, but I think we place more focus on better the life of the individual instead of the community in which they reside.  So with that I think we should the mentality of more is better and get rid of it.  It is not better for someone to have more money, more food, bigger modes of transportation, and more fame.  It is not what you have, but how you use what you have. 
            Another thing I wonder about is the idea of a parallel universe in which, we exist but not as our self.  I wonder if we have the same type of DNA, and do we act anything like they do.  I always think that when people have the feeling that they have done something before, and that feeling is from one of the parallel universes in which one of their copies have done that thing before.  Or if your dreams were really happenings of another universe, you might think it impossible for zombies to exist but in another universe you might be one awesome zombie killing dude or gal whatever may apply.  These could be some farfetched ideas, but anything is possible, that is the best part about being human nothing is wrong it is only perceived by the viewers as wrong.  Like this paper could have lots of grammar errors to the reader, but to me it could be just fine.  I think whatever the mind can imagine is real but it is just not in this reality.   
            Another thing I like to think about is how funny life is. Things like people getting over dramatic because of stupid relationships.  They think that they will never find love again; they just need to look harder.  People are getting lazy a lot more often, and do not want to try to get what they want.  It is a saddening to me really, but oh well  people learn from their mistakes over time.
            This paper has not really been on a topic, unless the topic is thoughts and that is the topic.  So I guess you can say that the paper was on topic.  Most of all I think everyone in the world just needs to relax and stop caring about material things and just be happy.  Life is too short to care about things enjoy what time you have on earth and be never scared.