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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The bro rules #1

        I will now be posting daily on the bro rules. Each day will be a new bro rule, with possible cases in which they can occur and when there are exception to the certain rules.  So if you are unaware what bro rules are , they are the understood rules that men follow in order to respect each other without direct contact.  These are just some of the ways we men are not always in fights, but if a man were to break these rules it is accepted for that man to get punched.  While it is primitive, it works, and that why they exist.

Rule #1 A bro will not sleep with another bros girl, or a bros ex until the time of 2 months has pass.

     While this seems like one of the most basic of rules , it is one that has been broken repeatedly by many bros.  The reason we do is because we men are hardwired to spread the seed, to breed  and make as many offspring as possible.(plus sex is just totally awesome)

     A example of breaking this comes from two bros of mine.  Bro 1 just broke up with his girl;  it was a bad break up with some false accusations been made from the girls point. Two weeks later bro 2 who knows bro 1 slept his ex.  This clearly violates rule #1 because of the 2 month time period did not pass.

    The exception the only time that rule can be broken is if a bro is abusive to his girl then at the moment of separation, it is acceptable to use rule #2 and sleep with his ex. 

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