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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THew Drink ,munchies

ALright so im kinda drunk ... ok im really drunkj anway my roommate suggest i blogg about being drunk and hungry at the same time so i am ...henace this bloog anyway i went to a local gas statiopn called sheetz ( that is how you speel it plz ignore all the other mistakes ) anyway i got a eggsalad sanmich and some unbeileveable good kettle cooked bbq chips ZOMFG these are so gooooood ... they are called "dirty " all natural potatoe chips , holy shit peanutbuttwr m&ms are good too i just ae some ....anyway my suggestion is get drunk get fucked (if possible)  and \eat some food it so damn good i always find when i drink then eat i lose weight so if you are trying to lose weight try this meathod it might work