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Friday, August 3, 2012


I wake up early, just to make a cup of coffee.
I go to work early just to get situated and ready for the day,
Take a short lunch so I can finish a project so I'm not thinking of it all night,
But still at the end of the day I reflect on what I have done,said, thought of, didn't do how someone looked at me, the tone/ level of which I spoke that day, if I gavee 100% at work.
Everything has become a blur, this month felt like a week.
Is this adulthood ?  If so how do people keep it together?
They need to teach how to be adult in schools, or at least how to file your taxes, cook, clean, how to behave in business, tie a tie.... just basic life skills.  If things like this would be to much for a regular teaching schedule then instead of punishing kids by isolating them but put them in a class like this at least let them know what life is like after school.

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